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I put recipes on High Protein Foods because I like to cook high protein food and want to help other people find and make things that are high in protein and that also taste good. I’ve made everything here, and the recipes that get published are usually the things I’m eating regularly at home.

Recipe Disclaimer 
The recipes found on HighProteinFoods.org are provided as suggestions only and without charge as part of our service to blog viewers. We cannot guarantee that favorable results will be obtained from their use and, therefore, recommend that you conduct appropriate tests under your own operating conditions prior to adoption. The recipes are intended for use by persons having appropriate technical skill, at their own discretion and risk. We assume no obligation or liability, and makes no warranties, with respect to these recipes.

We are not responsible for any domestic accidents, fires or food poisoning that could result from preparation of the recipes, eating of raw eggs, meat and fish. We are not responsible for any kind of food borne disease.

HighProteinFoods.org makes no guarantee of the completeness or accuracy of any information provided on this site. The information provided on this website is provided on a strictly “as is” basis.

Use of recipes found on the website 
You may, for personal use only, copy single recipes from our websites. You may not sell or charge for access for any recipes copied from the websites either singly or in collections. You may not copy sections of this website or entire collections of recipes. This website may be copyrighted. You may copy recipes on to your own computer for personal use. You may share reasonable numbers of recipes in email or on websites as long as credit is given to author and a link (either clickable or text) to the recipe on our site, or a link to our homepage.

Copyright Infringement 
Visitors are not allowed to knowingly submit copyrighted material to us. Recipe copyright is a tricky definition. You cannot copyright a list of ingredients – this is considered a scientific formula. You maybe able copyright the prose that accompanies a recipe as long as it is not considered “typical” in describing the procedures required to complete the recipe.

While we do not necessarily encourage this, if you are unsure of the copyright status of a recipe you’d like to submit it is best if you put the directions into your own words. This way you can easily incorporate any additional modifications you personally made if you tried the recipe. Recipes submitted this way are much more personal and readers value your input from your experience in making this recipe.


Should you choose to submit a recipe to us, you acknowledge and agree that:

(i) You will include your name, location and email address with any transmission of a recipe or other material;

(ii) Such recipe or material is your original work and has not been copied or reproduced from any published source, tangible or electronic;

(iii) You grant us and our transferees the right to edit, modify, adapt, translate, exhibit, publish, transmit, participate in the transfer of, reproduce, create derivative works from, distribute, perform, display, and otherwise use, at no charge and in any medium, any recipe or other material submitted by you for any commercial or other purpose, and;

(iv) We may attribute origination of the recipe or other material to you on HighProteinFoods.org.

Terms of Service 
We make no warranty on the availability of this site or its content. We may, at any time, restrict access to users on an individual or group basis if we deem there to be inappropriate use of this site. Under no circumstances may you attempt to auto-download, or mass-download, content from this site. Using software that attempts to connect to our site and copy large amounts of data is prohibited. We routinely monitor traffic on the site and suspicious or excessive activity will be blocked and reported.


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Nutritional Values
The nutritional data published on HighProteinFoods.org ss derived from data published by the USDA.