How Much Protein by Brad Pilon Book Review

How Much Protein, by Brad Pilon, is a a great muscle training book that reveals how much protein you need to eat to gain muscle. Brad Pilon is an ex-protein supplement developer.

This book made a few claims that made me want it and they are as follows

Book Claims

  1. Book revealed secrets about protein in building muscle
  2. The book also provides people with the necessary information about protein in foods and vegetables.
  3. The book teaches how to use protein effectively and how to design diets with an appropriate protein amount.

After looking around  I had seen a lot of posts and good reviews from people that have benefited from using it. They commented that they gained lean and strong muscle only within a few weeks of following this book.  So I decided why not give it a read. It is only 9.99 for the first 3 days and most can finish the book in that amount of time, If you don’t like it you don’t have to pay the full $37.

My Opinion on How Much Protein by Brad Pilon:

The cost:
In my opinion the amount of information he presents and evidence behind his reasons is worth the cost. The advice he gives is what makes it a deal in my opinion though. It is also updating as time goes on so that is awesome… not too many books gain content over time.

The book:
Brad Pilon’s How Much Protein Book was an eye-opener. I had always wondered what the real deal is in terms of protein intake. It’s hard to get straight answers because certain industries have a vested interest in making sure we consume lots of it (the supplement industry, etc). When it comes to Brad’s book he presents some of the best research in my opinion, at least most relevant to the subject and since you get updates on the book every time a new version comes out you can always stay up to date with the best and most current research in the area of How much protein you really need.

Do I recommend it?
I recommend this book if you are new to protein and need alot of knowledge dropped on you. This book has so much information on the subject you will really need some time to soak it all in.  If you are confident in your own research of protein I will say you probably wont get much out of the book unless it is for pure information such as studies and things like that.  I will say this though it never hurts to get another opinion on the subject. You might still learn something even if you think you know it all. This book held up to it’s claims though and for that reason among many others is why I recommend this book.

Here is a great 4 Video Series by Brad That I found very informative and he talks about these sort of thing in his book.

If you are interested in buying Brads book ‘How Much Protein’ or want to know more information about what is in the book you can find it

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How Much Protein by Brad Pilon Book


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